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Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers play a vital role in every wedding, and it be would correct to say that when choosing your wedding flowers you could make or break your special day. Often, it is the couples that decide what flowers they wish to go for, depending on the wedding theme, budget, and individual tastes. In other cases, couples leave it to wedding planners to decide for them the best way forward.

Well, it doesn’t have to be such a huge task; as long as you make use of the tips below on how to choose the perfect flowers for your wedding;

1 – Hire a Wedding Florist

The right wedding florist will help you find flowers that blend in and go well with the season, wedding theme, and budget. Always ensure that the florist clearly understands what you wish to achieve and realise.

The good thing about hiring a professional florist is that their experience and knowledge will be useful; they will give crucial tips and suggestions to help you get things right. Every florist is an expert in their own way, and you’re always bound to learn a thing or two from them.

2 – Bridal Bouquet

Flowers look lovely and beautiful as the bride walks down the aisle. The size of the bridal bouquet depends on the bride’s preferences, height, and gown. Tall and voluptuous brides look better in fuller bouquets while petite brides usually carry small bouquets.

A smaller bouquet compliments a simple dress without much embellishment and fluff and it also offers the right balance to a bride walking down the aisle in the arm of a chaperone, while a bigger bouquet is ideal for a bride who is alone.

3 – Types and Sizes of Flowers

It is advisable to choose local flowers and preferably flowers in season. However, if you love a particular type of flower that may not be in season, ask your florist for advice as they may be able to arrange it from overseas, if your budget allows.

You may choose flowers by their symbolic meaning. White lilies often symbolise innocence, while red roses symbolise passion.

For larger flowers, you can select the African marigold, Stargazer, and Gladiolus. To save money, you may limit your flowers to beautifully arranged altarpieces.

Wedding Flowers At Cavendish Banqueting Hall
4 – Colour

If you’re at a loss lost about your flowers, think of them in terms of colour to help narrow down choices. Carnations, roses, tulips, and lilies are some flowers that come in most colours.

Others such as peonies, hydrangeas, and anemones are limited in colour selection.

Pick ones that complement your colour scheme. If you want a perfect colour match, be as specific as possible. Select flowers that contrast, blend or coordinate with the décor and bridesmaids’ dresses. Floral and bouquet arrangements are created by using different flowers in contrasting hues or one colour.

5 – Know a Few Basics

You don’t need to be an expert on wedding flowers. However, knowing some of the necessary blooms is important before you secure an appointment with your florist.

The last thing you want is to go blindly with no idea of the difference between tulips and daisies or which are ideal for specific events.

The internet has always been, and continues to be, a good source of information on wedding flowers; there’s a lot you can learn before meeting your florist and this will also help you get a fair price quote from him.

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