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Join us in reliving Harminder & Aarti’s enchanting engagement at Cavendish Banqueting Hall, a celebration that seamlessly blended tradition and uniqueness. The images from their special day offer a glimpse into a captivating atmosphere where love and culture converged.

The decor was a sight to behold, featuring a striking combination of black and red, which contrasted beautifully with the traditional white and gold stage setup, making the stage a focal point of the evening.

To ensure that every moment was captured, cameras were thoughtfully placed on every table, allowing guests to share in the joy of the occasion. The ambiance and lighting in the hall created a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for a night filled with cherished memories.

Harminder & Aarti’s engagement was a testament to the beauty of cultural fusion, and their images inspire others to celebrate love in their unique way. 

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