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Sagar & Shreena’s reception dinner was celebrated at Cavendish Banqueting Hall. Their celebration was a true starry night affair, with images revealing a stunning black backdrop adorned with special lighting that brought the heavens down to earth.

Our team worked tirelessly to craft a captivating stage and decor, enveloping the venue in shades of pristine white and delicate pink. The stage, in particular, was a vision of elegance, serving as the focal point of the evening’s festivities.

Pink flowers, beverages, and charming details in every corner added a touch of romance to the atmosphere. From the floral arrangements to the signature pink drinks, every element was carefully curated to create a harmonious blend of beauty and love.

Sagar and Shreena’s reception was a celebration like no other, and their images are a testament to the magic that unfolded that evening. 

Explore their reception gallery below and embark with us on your own journey to creating unforgettable memories.

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