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A little advice…

If you follow this little piece of advice, you will make your event planning INFINITELY easier. A reliable wedding planner can be your ultimate ally in executing the perfect event as they provide you with valuable advice. From managing logistics to curating seamless experiences, their expertise streamlines the process, granting you peace of mind. Embrace their guidance, and watch as your vision effortlessly transforms into a remarkable reality.

Sit down TODAY and draw the up the guest list.
Call every single person.

Get their addresses AND EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Put it into a spreadsheet.

Once you have everyone’s email addresses, use them:
What do I mean?

The people on that list are your nearest and dearest.
They love and care for you.
They will help you in any way they can. If you ask them to.

For example, I bet someone on your list knows how to make a stunning cake. Or if not, someone on your list will know someone, who knows how to make a stunning cake.

Someone on your list might be a really great musician or dancer or magician and they would love to entertain your guests for a few hours on your big day.

Someone on your list might have a neighbour who can get you a great deal on a wedding car.

Someone else might have a great idea for wedding favors..

Anyway, you get my drift.

Send a little email out to everyone to “save the date” and in it, ask for a little help or ideas. The more specific your request, the better response you’ll get.
EVERYONE on your list who can help, will.

Trust me, send the email out and watch the replies come flooding in.

With Warm Regards
Irfan Undre pi

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