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20 Best Places to Get Wedding Cakes in London

Timeless Tradition: The Enduring Legacy of Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are part of a historical tradition that is not getting old anytime soon. Whether you are looking forward to smearing the creamy concoction across your partner’s face or indulging your sweet tooth, wedding cakes stand as the centrepiece of every wedding ceremony.

If you’re planning a wedding, we know you want your cake to be a masterpiece – an amalgamation of art and heavenly tastes. And if your marriage is taking place in London, you’ll find yourself at no shortage of wedding cake suppliers – each seemingly more impressive than the other. Fear not, for we save you the trouble of narrowing down the best of the best by doing it for you.

Where to Buy Wedding Cakes in London?

Wedding Cakes

1 – Malarkey Cakes

Malarkey is here to redefine your preconception of what a wedding cake can look like. Their highly distinct wedding cakes blur the lines between edible desserts and abstract art pieces.

They really go about designing their cakes much as artwork, piece by piece, element by element, even taking inspiration from wedding dresses and wedding venues. So, if you want to awe your wedding guests with a truly memorable spectacle, their wedding cakes may do just the trick for you.

2 – Nicky Tesler Cakes

Nicky Tesler has an impressive list of prestigious clients across UK which is an attestation to their commitment when it comes to providing you with the best.

They offer both sugarpaste and buttercream delights of wedding cakes across a wide range of bespoke possibilities. Nicky’s diverse portfolio includes elaborate cakes, bright floral wonders, cakes incorporating wedding venues, cakes with captivating patterns and much more. You’ll be sure to find what you are looking for here.

3 – Rosalind Miller Cakes

The bakers at Rosalind Miller are experts at creating luxuriously modern marvels for wedding cakes that will have your wedding guests simply awe-struck.

Their distinct sugar flowers and buttercream frostings remain a favourite among clients for bringing all their cake desires to life.

4 – Wedding Cakes by Lisa Broughton

This South London-based, award-winning bakery is one of the biggest names when it comes to enchanting wedding cakes in UK’s capital.

The stunningly handcrafted confections hold a distinctly vintage appeal that manages to remain in touch with the latest trends simultaneously. Their use of high-quality ingredients guarantees that your cake will taste as good as it will look.

5 – Gorgeous Cakes by Sonata

This bakery is a product of love and it shows in their dedication to craft. Sonata’s cakes combine a high-quality professional appearance with a homely delicious taste. Their wedding cakes are especially popular for the variety of flavours and variations they can be adapted to, such as Cappuccino Chocolate, Victoria Sponge, Zesty Lemon Sponge with Cream Cheese Frosting and much more.

They are also one of the limited places to offer inclusive options such as gluten-free, vegan and halal wedding cakes upon special requests.

6 – Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

If you want your wedding cake to simply ooze with luxurious splendour and enhance your wedding day, then this multi-award-winning bakery is one to keep an eye out for.

They believe in providing a truly bespoke experience and work closely with clients with no amount of detailing being considered too much. Their opulent cakes remind one of glorious Baroque interiors and taste as rich as they look.

7 – Jen’s Cakery

This boutique bakery sure knows its business when it comes to wedding cakes. Their aesthetic is a unique combination of austere simplicity with stunning ornamentation to achieve a level that feels just right.

The fact that they work small means each customer receives their full and undivided attention and remarkable attention to detail. Just be sure to book your cake well in time to make the booking.

8 – Sugar Plum Bakery

The creator behind Sugar Plum, Vaani takes direct inspiration from nature and infuses it with her creative genius to create wedding cakes that hold a timeless elegance. The simple austerity of her cakes says it all without going into overbearing details as many wedding cakeries tend to.

She often incorporates fresh or dried flowers to add a natural element to her buttercream creations and is open to collaborating with clients for tailor-made perfection.

9 – Beez Cakes

If you’re researching cakes in London, you certainly must have come across this name. Beez is a specialist when it comes to mouthwateringly delicious, vintage-inspired wedding cakes. They offer an array of enticing flavor combos that can be conveniently tried out through their ‘Signature Cake Tasting Box’.

Beez Cakes offers a refreshingly simple and elegant spin on romantic wedding cakes with the use of delicate sugar flowers, smooth buttercream and seamless fondant icings.

10 – Kake Bakery

This bakery based in East London is quite popular among those who like to add a little bit of a whimsical charm to their wedding cakes. Their picturesque cakes stand at the perfect cross between sophisticated luxury and eclecticism.

Moreover, they offer a vast variety of enticing flavour combos that are a must-try; raspberry rose and lychee or coconut and lime, chocolate and cherry or lemon and thyme – each combination sounds simply mouthwatering.

11 – Peggy Porschen

This London-based bakery is a celebrity-approved one for a reason. They combine high-quality ingredients with expert craftsmanship to create stunning desserts and are experts at delivering gorgeous wedding cakes.

Their skilled team of pastry chefs, under the supervision of Peggy herself, deliver dreamy wedding cakes that may as well have stepped straight out of a fairytale. Perfect for adding a dose of magic to your wedding.

12 – Cutter and Squidge

This family-run bakery is a true labour of love that shows in each of their bespoke wedding cakes. They believe in using the highest quality ingredients with unmatched attention to detail with no artificial additives or colourings.

Perhaps one of their best aspects is their simplified menu when it comes to wedding cakes. They only offer scrumptious buttercream wedding cakes topped with vibrant fresh flowers – both of your choice. Sometimes, less really is more.

13 – Love Rosie Cakes

The team at Love Rosie takes great pride in providing each client with a truly bespoke experience. Their design process ensures that every wedding cake is a combination of their expertise with the highly individualized story that is going to become your future.

Their indulgent buttercream cakes look almost too good to eat but once your guests get a taste, you might not end up with any left for yourself!

14 – Mrs Brown Cakes

Mrs. Brown simply nails the delicate balance between minimalism and elaborate detailing to achieve a wedding cake that will make your day all the more memorable. They often combine smooth, glossy surfaces with pops of pattern, texture, flowers or gold detailing to create cakes that truly stand out from the crowd.

You can have your wedding cake designed from scratch or customize any of their existing designs to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

15 – Green Fox Bakery

At Green Fox, Claudia believes that wedding cakes should never be treated as an afterthought but rather as the centrepiece of your big event.

Based in South London, Green Fox specializes in fluffy buttercream cakes and works closely with couples to truly channel their individuality and the essence of their relationship in the cake.

16 – Lily Vanilli Cakes

If you’ve always pictured an elaborate wedding cake that takes every onlooker’s breath away, then Lily Vanilli might have just the solution for you.

Their cakes remind one of the impressionist paintings with each colour, each component being so in sync with one another to create a wider painting that is inspiring, to say the least. They make great efforts to use only organic ingredients and maintain refreshing transparency in their sources.

17 – The Little House of Baking

As the title suggests, this small home-based business has speedily gained a strong reputation alongside some of the biggest bakeries in London. The best part? They tend to skip out on hefty price tags and provide the level of quality in terms of taste and appearance that’s exactly what a special wedding like yours deserves.

Their attention to detail has not only won their clients’ hearts but multiple awards and accolades as well.

18 – Bad Ass Cakes

When you combine secret family recipes with professional expertise, you get the delight that is Bad Ass Cakes. The bakery has steadily climbed to its place as one of the best wedding cake suppliers in London.

They believe in providing a truly bespoke experience and can work with rice paper, meringue, croquet, fondant, macarons, pulled sugar as well as more common options such as buttercream, fondant and chocolate icings to nail your ideal wedding cake. Among their distinct flavours, Jamaican Rum continues to remain a sure winner.

19 – Agnes de Sucre cakes

The confectioners at Sucre believe in you – no customization can be too unique or too different for them. Mermaids, flamingos, butterflies; they can do it all and then some.

Their purpose is to create a wedding cake experience that will become the protagonist of your ceremony – after the couple of course. Wedding cakes should be anything but an ordinary affair.

20 – My Vintage Cakes Ltd

This bakery in East London stays true to the vintage aesthetic London is so famous for and puts a subtly modern spin on it to create breathtaking wedding cakes.

Their exquisite creations often use draping fondants, smooth buttercreams, fresh flowers, pastel macarons and gold detailing to achieve their distinct style.

Summing Up

Wedding cakes hold a sweet significance in celebrating love and unity. They symbolise the couple’s journey ahead, shared moments, and the promise of a future together.

While it’s natural to want the cake to be a memorable centrepiece, it’s important not to lose sight of the true essence of the occasion. Rather than getting caught up in perfectionism, focus on savouring the entire wedding experience.

The cake, with its layers of flavours and artful design, should be enjoyed as part of the celebration, reflecting the joy and happiness of the moment. Ultimately, it’s the love and togetherness that truly matter, and the cake serves as a delightful reminder of the sweetness that lies ahead in the couple’s life journey.