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15 Best Wedding Photographers in London

Capturing Your Moments: Wedding Photographers and Their Importance

We understand how important wedding pictures are, which is why we talked about the Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Photographer and tips on How To Hire A Wedding Photographer in our previous posts. We’ve included a list of the 15 best wedding photographers in London.

Having hosted hundreds of events at Cavendish Banqueting, we have worked in close proximity with many photographers and some of them have won not just their clients but also our hearts. Many of our clients choose to share their wedding pictures with us so we have also seen the results and they were nothing but amazing. So here are some really good London wedding photographers whom we highly recommend:

  1. Marianne Chua Photography: Known for her vibrant and documentary-style approach to wedding photography.
  2. Samuel Docker Photography: Specialises in capturing genuine moments and emotions in a creative and artistic way.
  3. Memory Filming: Highly recommended for Indian, Muslim and Asian wedding events
  4. Emma-Jane Photography: Offers a mix of candid and posed shots, with a focus on storytelling.
  5. Eneka Stewart Photography: Renowned for her elegant and timeless wedding photography style.
  6. Masoud Shah Photography: Another great photographer for Muslim, Sikh and Hindu weddings. He has a great eye for detail, which is evident in his pictures.
  7. David Jenkins Photography: Known for his ability to capture the essence of a wedding day in a natural and unobtrusive manner.
  8. S9 films: known for their creative and artistic approach to wedding photography. Their style captures emotions and moments in a unique and personal way.
  9. Jackson & Co Photography: Offers a blend of traditional and contemporary styles to create stunning wedding photo collections.
  10. Lara Hotz Photography: An experienced photographer with a unique and artistic approach to wedding photography.
  11. Kristian Leven Photography: Focuses on capturing raw and emotive moments that tell a genuine story.
  12. Anneli Marinovich Photography: Known for her light and airy style that emphasizes the beauty of emotions.
  13. Belvani: Their style focuses on capturing candid moments and natural emotions. We love their unobtrusive approach to photographing weddings.
  14. Jacob and Pauline Photography: Offers a mix of fine art and documentary-style photography to capture authentic moments.
  15. The Stories Lab: As evident by the name, their photography focuses on your story and journey as a couple and on capturing raw emotions to create photographic memories that will last a lifetime.

We suggest that once you’ve narrowed down at least 3 photographers (based on their online work and reviews), you meet them all, see their albums in person and discuss their packages. The final decision mostly depends on two main factors, firstly, your budget and secondly, how comfortable you feel with the photographer.